Video Engineering, Third Edition
Published by McGraw-Hill, 1999

ISBN 0-07-135017-9 550 pp.

A tutorial lifesaver for engineers and technicians alike, this complete update of the top reference in video brings you up to speed on the many adancces that have remade the industry over the last few years.
Long the favorite reference of professionals in this specialty,
Video Engineering offers authoritative, across-the-board coverage of today's (and tomorrow's) technologies in a refershingly readable style. This popular guide is perfect for:

  • Broadcast engineers transitioning from analog to digital
  • Managers who need to master the technology
  • Engineers new to video design, production, or management
  • Engineering students learning video technology or considering the video business as a career
  • High-level hobbyists who want to explore new video possibilities
Loaded with real-life examples, Video Engineering helps you with the task at hand, whether it's choosing new equipment, designing a system, or solving a specific technical problem. The most comprehensive and ccurrent guidebook available, it provides unsurpassed coverage of digital cameras, receivers, satellite broadcasting, monitors, standards, image quality, audio for video, video on the Internet, plus analog systems, as well.
If you're in the video business, you'll see that Arch Luther's and Andrew Inglis' Video Engineeringis the one source that successful careers are made of.