Principles of Digital Audio and Video
Book Cover
Published by Artech House, Inc., 1997.
ISBN 0-89006-892-5 400 pp.

In this comprehensive, clearly written book, industry expert Arch C. Luther provides practicing and future system engineers with a firm grounding in digital technology--focusing on digital audio and video in particular--and shows how it applies to all fields.

The book explains the fundamentals and practical applications of digital A/V, and provides a glimpse of where the technology will take us into the next century. With this practical reference, broadcast and computer system-design engineers learn how to screen and select A/V system components, and how to choose the best design approaches for a particular system. Other well-structured chapters provide a clear understanding of analog-digital conversion, video cameras, digital transmission and processing, compression, recording and storage, postproduction, and much more.

This book is also available in French.

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Paris - 550 pp.