Video Camera Technology
Published by Artech House, Inc., 1998

ISBN 0-89006-556-X 310 pp.

Written by a pioneer and leading authority in broadcaast and video technology, this comprehensive examination of video camera technology and applications, covers the fuindamentals and latest advances in cameras ranging from consumer camccorders to state-of-the-art professional broadcast models. Focusing on the latest digital technology used in today's cameras, the book is the first to cover camera technology as it applies to a broad range of fields including broadccasting, computers, and telecommunications.

The book's clarity, detail, and authoritativeness make it valuable reading for broadcast eengineering professsionals, but electrical engineers or computer scientists with little or no training in video technology will also find the book easy to understand and packed with practical knowledge that can be used to:
  • Make better decisions when selecting appropriate cameras for specific applications.
  • Apply cutting-edge camera technology in computer system development
  • Grasp the fundamentals of digital video camera design