As I said in the Overview, there was a question when I retired about where I would like to live as I was no longer tied to a work location. Several factors were evident for me:

Fortunately, I already knew of a location where all these criteria could be met. My brother had moved to Sonoma County in Northern California back in the 1960s, and after numerous visits over the years, I was familiar witth this area and its climate. I decided, with my brother, to begin looking for a property or land there which would meet my other conditions. After about two years, we found a 17-acre piece of land overlooking the Pacific Ocean at about 1,400-ft altitude. The view was magnificent. It was four miles from any main road, but this is the price one pays for seclusion. I bought the property and began planning to build on it.
Since my brother was a licensed contractor in California, it was natural that he should be my builder. We completed a house and workshop of my design in 1993. I still had ties in New Jersey, but finally, I was able to move here full time in 1998.
Meanwhile, I kept working at my consulting and writing. I moved my woodworking shop to California as soon as the shop building there was finished, and used the shop to build trim and furniture for the house whenever I got to California. This was six to eight times a year, for two to three weeks at a time. After six years of doing this, I was an experienced transcontinental traveler. The house and shop are shown below.

These pictures (2001) show the garden and shop at that time. Back