Clivias are beautiful plants, with their wide strap leaves and magnificent orange blooms every year around April. I grew them when I lived in New Jersey, where I had to take them in for the winter, but in Northern California I can leave them outdoors year-round. They also grow much better here, and multiply by sprouting from their roots. Starting with one plant about 10 years ago, I now have over 20 plants of all sizes, and I have given away or sold many plants.
Clivias should be grown in pots; they need to be root-bound for good blooming and spreading. There is a shady area under a clump of redwood trees near my shop. This has turned out to be a wonderful area for these plants. Most of my plants have orange blooms, although they also come in red and yellow. I have several yellow clivias, which have smaller leaves and are not quite as spectacular as the orange ones. The picture below shows clivias blooming in my garden (April 2013).