Custom Woodworking in Redwood

Old-growth redwood mantel
1 Old-growth mantelpiece 71"w x 12"d x 4"h
Street number sign
2 Old-growth Street Number Sign 18"w x 1"d x 7"h
Shelves and Woodbin
4 Young-growth shelves and woodbin
Chest of drawers
3 Young-growth Chest of Drawers 33"w x 19"d x 33"h
Office shelves
5 Young-growth office shelves and counters
dining-room sideboard
7 Young- and old-growth dining-room sideboard 46"w x 17"d x 36"h
Sundial pedestal
6 Young- and old-growth sundial pedestal 34"h Redwood Picture Frame
8 Old-growth picture frame for a painting of my big redwood tree by Louisa Lavelle 22" x 28"