My Web design approach is based on simplicity. I believe that pages should be artistically designed, but simple in format for easy user understanding, and with a navigation approach that is consistent throughout the site. I avoid the complex multi-column pages you see so often on commercial sites; they are slow to load and difficult to navigate. The sample sites listed below show you what some of my sites look like.
I also believe in working closely with my customers during the site planning and design period. During design, I will provide a prototype of the site that you can view privately online to see the pages as they are completed. You can comment or suggest changes at any time, and I will work with you to resolve your concerns long before the whole site is finished.
The simplicity approach does not preclude having many features, such as:

Examples of Web sites designed by me (click an icon to see the full site)

This site features simple menu navigation; it has many custom pages, including template-based picture directory pages with thumbnail selection of larger images. There is also a database and login for the "Scholarship" page.

This site is for an artist displaying her paintings. It features simple menu navigation. It has template-based painting-display pages under the "Paintings" menu item. There is a private area of the site that requires client log-in; this provides easy administration of the paintings pages and other features.

This site is no longer online. It featured a number of image and text pages. It provides a private section for customer support and downloading the software that the site features. Some of the pages from this site may be seen here.

This site is no longer online. It featured special pages that let the client interactively design a table, bench, or shelf unit. The page then calculates and displays the cost for the custom piece. Some of the pages from this site may be viewed here.

This is a password protected private site for a property-owners' association. It features member login, several databases, display of member's data, member feedback, and a further protected area that allows only Board members to view up-to-the-minute Association information. Navigation within the site is via drop-down menus on every page.
This site displays the works of a photographic artist. It is designed with a single program that displays nearly all of the site's very different pages by means of a format database that sets the configuration of each page.

If you are interested in a Web design project, please contact me.