My philosophy of Web design is to work closely with the customer at all stages of the project.
Planning and proposal stage
To start the proposal stage, I'll listen to your requirements and come up with a proposed design. The first cut design is intended to stimulate discussion between us, from which I'll make modifications. When we have basically agreed with the proposed design, I'll prepare an estimate for the project. Upon your acceptance of my design and cost proposal, The design stage begins.
Design Stage
During design, communication between us is just as important as in the planning stage. To facilitate that, right at the start, I'll set up a prototype Web site using your domain name. It will have name and password login so it is private to you. You can go to your prototype at any time and see the design status. Based on what you see, you may comment or make changes at any time and I'll work to reach agreement with you and then carry out what we agreed about. As the design progresses, the prototype site will become more and more complete. When the prototype has reached a point where it can be made public, I'll simply bypass the login screen. Then, the site is public, though it may not be complete. The rest of the design stage may continue; I'll set up an area of your site that is still password protected for you to see the new work. Periodically, additions that have been completed and you have approved in the private area can be made public. This continues until we have accomplished everything I promised in the proposal.
Of course, once the site is public you may learn things that go beyond the original proposal. If you want any of these things put into the site, we will have to negotiate a new proposal for doing them. This scenario can repeat throughout the life of the site.

If you are interested in a Web design project, please contact me.