Books by Arch C. Luther

I have always been interested in writing. Maybe that comes from my father who was a newspaper editor. When at work at RCA, I always was the one who volunteered to write up the minutes of a meeting--simply because I liked to write. I did observe early on that one who was the scribe for a group gained a certain amount of power from being the person who first put the thoughts of the group into writing.
So it was natural, when I retired, for me to become a writer and write books about the technology that had been developed by the group I was in. The first five books were of this genre.

  • Digital Video in the PC Environment, McGraw-Hill, 1989
  • Digital Video in the PC Environment, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1991
  • Designing Interactive Multimedia, Bantam, 1992
  • Authoring Interactive Multimedia, AP Professional, 1994
  • Using Digital Video, AP Professional, 1995

After those five, I began writing books that dealt with technology at a broader level. I continued with this for six more books. Some of them went through several editions; I count each edition as a separate book. This is because that technology changes so rapidly that a second edition done after only three or four years is usually a complete rewrite.

My most recent book--my memoir, although still somewhat technical, is different in that it is a story: my life story. I wrote it for a non-technical audience, but I couldn't resist some lapses into technical discussion. I recommend that non-technical readers skip over these sections--they won't miss much of the story:
    * Many Threads: The Saga of an Electronics Engineer, Lulu.com, 2008.

* These books are currently in print. Click on a name for more information.

I can't leave the subject of writing without talking about reading. I have always been a voracious reader. Of course, a good writer must read anything that comes in front of him. It is a great way to broaden your skills by reading the works of others. I read several hours a day, and all kinds of books. I have very broad interests.